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December 2015

1 of 7 Common Entrepreneur Mistakes: Unclear Goals

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This is the first in a series of seven common entrepreneurial mistakes, and how to fix them.  Although the context will be biotech entrepreneurs, these principles apply to all entrepreneurs. One of the most critical mistakes entrepreneurs make, is not [...]

November 2014

Successful Entrepreneurs See The World Through Unique Eyes

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Successful entrepreneurs view the world differently than everyone else.  When other individuals spot a problem—an entrepreneur sees an opportunity. The average person may just complain about an obstacle, whereas successful entrepreneurs see solutions. They are by nature, problem-solvers. Try this exercise. [...]

August 2014

How to Evaluate a Medical Technology Product Idea

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Assessing a Medical Product Technology: How to Know if an Idea is Worth Building a Company Around? The vast majority of all commercially successful medical device, therapeutic, diagnostic and biologic products arise from discoveries that can be traced back to [...]