Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Book

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: What is Biotechnology Entrepreneurship?
–Craig Shimasaki, PhD, MBA

CHAPTER 2: A Biotechnology Entrepreneur’s Legacy – Henri A. Termeer’s Story and his Advice to Entrepreneurs
– Henri A. Termeer, MBA

A Tribute to Henri A. Termeer: The Henri Termeer I Knew
– Stelios Papadopoulos, PhD

A Tribute to Henri A. Termeer: Empathy, Generosity, Discipline, and Engagement: Reflections on the Life of Henri Termeer
– Peter Wirth, JD

CHAPTER 3: A Biotechnology Entrepreneur’s Story: From Start-Up to International Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization
– Magda Marquet, PhD and Francois Ferre´, PhD

CHAPTER 4: Seven Characteristics of Successful Biotechnology Leaders

– Lynn Johnson Langer, PhD, MBA

CHAPTER 5: Unleashing the Promise of Biotechnology to Help Heal, Fuel, and Feed the World
– The Honorable James C. Greenwood

CHAPTER 6: Five Essential Elements and Regional Influences Required To Grow and Expand a Biotechnology Cluster or Hub
–  Craig Shimasaki, PhD, MBA

CHAPTER 7: Building, Managing, and Motivating Great Teams

– Arthur A. Boni, PhD, Gergana Todorova, PhD and Laurie R. Weingart, PhD

CHAPTER 8: Building Human Relationship Networks

– Tom D. Walker, MBA

CHAPTER 9: Mentorship: Why You Need a Team of Mentors to be Successful
 – Craig Shimasaki, PhD, MBA

CHAPTER 10: Understanding Biotechnology Product Sectors
– Craig Shimasaki, PhD, MBA

CHAPTER 11: Technology Opportunities: Evaluating the Idea

– Craig Shimasaki, PhD, MBA

CHAPTER 12: Understanding Biotechnology Business Models and Managing Risk
– Craig Shimasaki, PhD, MBA

CHAPTER 13: Directing Your Technology Toward a Market Problem: What You Need to Know Before Using the Business Model Canvas?
– Craig Shimasaki, PhD, MBA

CHAPTER 14: Company Formation, Ownership Structure, and Securities Issues
–  Craig C. Bradley, JD

CHAPTER 15: Licensing the Technology: Biotechnology Commercialization Strategies Using University and Federal Labs
– Steven M. Ferguson, CLP and Uma S. Kaundinya, PhD, CLP

CHAPTER 16: Intellectual Property Protection Strategies for Biotechnology Innovations
– Gerry J. Elman, MS, JD and Jay Z. Zhang, MS, JD

CHAPTER 17: Sources of Capital and Investor Motivations
 – Craig Shimasaki, PhD, MBA

CHAPTER 18: How Investors Really Make Decisions: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know When Raising Money
– Konstantin S. Kostov, PhD

CHAPTER 19: Securing Angel Capital and Understanding How Angel Networks Operate
– Robert J. Calcaterra, DSc

CHAPTER 20: Understanding and Securing Venture Capital: An Entrepreneur’s Perspective
– Craig Shimasaki, PhD, MBA

CHAPTER 21: Financial Ramifications of Funding a Biotechnology Venture: What You Need to Know About Valuation and Term Sheets
– Stephen M. Sammut, MA, MBA, DBA

CHAPTER 22: Your Business Plan and Presentation: Articulating Your Journey to Commercialization
– Lowell W. Busenitz, PhD, MBA

CHAPTER 23: Investor Presentations: What Do You Need in an Investor Pitch Deck
– Craig Shimasaki, PhD, MBA

CHAPTER 24: Therapeutic Drug Development and Human Clinical Trials
– Donald R. Kirsch, PhD

CHAPTER 25: Integrating Diagnostic Products Into the Drug Development Workflow: Applications for Companion Diagnostics
– John F. Beeler, PhD

CHAPTER 26: The Development and Commercialization of Medical Devices
– Mark Byrne, MS

CHAPTER 27: Commercialization and Applications of Agricultural Biotechnology
– Neal Gutterson, PhD

CHAPTER 28: Artificial Intelligence: Emerging Applications in Biotechnology and Pharma
– David Sahner, MD and David C. Spellmeyer, PhD

CHAPTER 29: Artificial Intelligence in Biotechnology: A Framework for Commercialization
– Robert E. Wanerman, JD, MPH, Gail H. Javitt, JD, MPH and Alaap B. Shah, JD, MPH

CHAPTER 30: Regulatory Approval and Compliances for Biotechnology Products
– Norman W. Baylor, PhD and Donna-Bea Tillman, PhD

CHAPTER 31: The Biomanufacturing of Biotechnology Products
– John Conner, MS, Don Wuchterl, Maria Lopez, Bill Minshall, MS, Rabi Prusti, PhD, Dave Boclair, Jay Peterson and Chris Allen, MS

CHAPTER 32: Biotechnology Products and Their Customers: Developing a Successful Market Strategy
– Craig Shimasaki, PhD, MBA

CHAPTER 33: Biotechnology Product Coverage, Coding and Reimbursement Strategies

– Robert E. Wanerman, JD, MPH and Susan Garfield, DrPH

CHAPTER 34: Getting the Word Out: Using Public Relations
Strategies to Support Biotechnology Business Goals
– Joan E. Kureczka, MSEM

CHAPTER 35: Company Growth Stages and the Value of Corporate Culture
– Craig Shimasaki, PhD, MBA

CHAPTER 36: Biotechnology Business Development: The Art of the Deal
– Jack M. Anthony, Philip Haworth, PhD and Gayle M. Mills, MBA

CHAPTER 37: Biotech-Pharma Collaboration – A Strategic Tool: Case Study of Centocor
 –  Lara V. Marks, D.Phil. (Oxon)

CHAPTER 38: The Emergence and Transformation of China in Biotechnology
 – Jimmy Zhimin Zhang, PhD, MBA

CHAPTER 39: Ethical Considerations for Biotechnology Leaders
– Gladys B. White, PhD

CHAPTER 40: Diverse Career Opportunities in the Biotechnology and Life Sciences Industry
– Toby Freedman, PhD

CHAPTER 41: Common Biotechnology Entrepreneur Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
– Craig Shimasaki, PhD, MBA

CHAPTER 42: Summary
– Craig Shimasaki, PhD, MBA