Managing Business, Science and Technical Risks

BioSource solves problems that impact all aspects of biotech business and provide a continuum of services from strategy through execution.

In biotechnology enterprises, the science cannot be separate from the business, because the science IS the business.  One cannot expect to effectively address a scientific or technical problem without understanding its impact on the marketing and financing of the business. Similarly, one cannot effectively deal with the business issues without recognizing its impact on the science.

Start-up and small biotechnology companies experience a multitude of challenges yet they rarely have the human and financial resources or expertise to handle and address them all.img_dnaIt is of no value to offer advice to a client only to find that they do not have the experienced personnel to carry out those recommendations. Our operational business model is to help our client-partners become successful rather than just give advice and leave. Our level of involvement is determined by the needs of, and in coordination with, our client-partner. In addition, BioSource may also consider serving in an interim CEO or Executive-in-Residence capacity to help build the organization to a firm foundation while assisting the company in recruiting a permanent CEO.

We are a unique biotechnology consulting service that assists with strategy development but also implementation as well.  Whatever the needs of the organization, from start-up through to commercialization we have the expertise to help. With over 30 years of biotechnology industry and start-up experience, we provide scientific, technical and business guidance to start-ups and growing biotechnology companies.  This includes scientific development  strategy, business model selection, company valuation, product development and technical problem-solving, clinical trial and regulatory assistance, market development, and fundraising and hiring strategies. We also provide practical advice to increase the monetary value of any type of transaction or negotiation, such as technology licenses, partnerships, alliances and acquisitions.

For established organizations, we perform market assessment and scientific development strategies that improve product adoption, and we develop management and leadership programs for improved workflow efficiencies and organizational culture. Organizations benefit from our cost-effective solutions because of our creative ability fit into any budget.

Successful solutions require creativity, knowledge and direct experience in the situations encountered. This is what the BioSource brings to each of its partner-clients. We exist to help you succeed!

Craig Shimasaki
Craig Shimasaki
BioSource Consulting and Moleculera Labs, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Biotechnology industry professional with over 30 years of experience.

Author “The Business of Bioscience: What Goes Into Making a Biotechnology Product” 2009 Springer Publisher, Available on Amazon and Springer Websites

Author “Biotechnology Entrepreneurship: Starting, Managing and Leading Biotech Companies” 2014, Elsevier/Academic Press, Available on Amazon and Elsevier Websites

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