Successful Entrepreneurs See The World Through Unique Eyes

Successful entrepreneurs view the world differently than everyone else.  When other individuals spot a problem—an entrepreneur sees an opportunity. The average person may just complain about an obstacle, whereas successful entrepreneurs see solutions. They are by nature, problem-solvers. Try this exercise. What do you see?

Successful EntrepreneursEveryone can see a woman in this picture.  If asked about the relative age of the woman, some will reply, an old woman, others will say, a young woman.  At the outset, we all see one woman (old or young) and not both. However, with a little help and effort, everyone can eventually see both the old and the young woman facing different directions.

From this interesting exercise, we can glean two things.  1) Each of us spontaneously interpret new information without our conscious awareness. 2) However, the most critical point to recognize is that we are all examining the same information, but arriving at different conclusions.

Each of us interpret new information based upon a set of criteria.  These include our personal experiences, our unconscious biases, our beliefs about the world around us, and our views about life. Thorough these “lenses” we spontaneously interpret everything new we encounter.  For instance, if we believe all people harbor an ulterior motive, we will interpret whatever others do with caution, and be suspicious of everyone’s intentions. If we believe that we are prone to failure, we will abandon things prematurely when we encounter trials and adversity.

Thomas Edison viewed the world differently. He held the belief that he could discover a way to create an efficient incandescent light bulb by passing electricity through the right filament and thus converting electrical energy to light. Later, when asked the question about his numerous attempts and failures to find the right filament he replied “I never failed once, it just happened to be a 2,000-step process”. Edison saw the world differently because of what he believed.

What are you believing?

Everything that is man-made, such as massive skyscrapers, majestic dams, fine works of art and successful commercial products, were all envisioned in the mind of a “problem-solver” or entrepreneur many years before their existence.

Do you see the world differently from everyone else?

Let me encourage you with a quote from Henry Ford “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t…you’re right.”  Set your sights on a vision, believe in yourself, and work towards a solution.  You will then be walking the same path successful entrepreneurs have traveled.

Best wishes for your success!

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