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December 2015

1 of 7 Common Entrepreneur Mistakes: Unclear Goals

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This is the first in a series of seven common entrepreneurial mistakes, and how to fix them.  Although the context will be biotech entrepreneurs, these principles apply to all entrepreneurs. One of the most critical mistakes entrepreneurs make, is not [...]

November 2015

7 Common Mistakes of Entrepreneurs and How to Fix Them

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Most entrepreneurs start out with great optimism because they perceive in their minds a visionary product or service that could revolutionize some facet of work, life, industry or medicine. First time entrepreneurs embark on this journey with lots of energy and motivation that propels them to step [...]

September 2009

The Deception of Marketing High Tech Products

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Most technically-oriented individuals believe that once their beloved product, (which is of great technical value) reaches commercialization, multitudes will clamor to buy their product or service. This nearsighted condition is termed “entrepreneurial myopia”. It is an ocular disease notorious for destroying promising enterprises. Entrepreneurial myopia is highly contagious, and the individuals most susceptible to this debilitating condition are typically those employed within the same organization.

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