BioSource Consulting Group performed the due diligence we needed to assess our potential investment in a biotechnology company’s product.  Their insight into the technical component was tremendous, but they also gleaned the overlapping business, regulatory, financial and operational risks that helped us make an informed investment decision. They also provided an alternate investment structure proposal that gave us confidence in making our final decision.  I certainly will use them again!

Private Angel Investor

The BioSource Consulting Group helped us with the evaluation and negotiation of a license for a core technology of services.  They analyzed the situation and provided recommendations for securing this license, along with potential alternatives.  BioSource Consulting then negotiated the best deal terms that were cost effective and considerably less than the licensee’s original proposal.  We secured the license and saved capital using their services.  Dr. Shimasaki was a pleasure to work with.

Gary Cook, Director, DNA Solutions, DNA Solutions, Inc., provides specialized DNA testing and services for human, plant and animal markets.

I have worked with Dr Shimasaki on several biotech projects over the past ten years, most recently as a consultant to NanoBioMagnetics (NBMI).  I have sought his advice on both business development and technological issues, and his input has been uniquely on point as NBMI has grown and expanded.  As an example, his recent work with our research team led to a successful NSF SBIR grant award.  We have greatly valued his contribution!

Charles Seeney, CEO, NanoBioMagnetics, A developer of biomagnetic, vector-driven nanotools for targeted drug delivery

BioSource Consulting assessed our current market and business to provide a strategic plan for the growth, marketing and positioning of each of our technology services.  They interviewed our staff, provided leadership training for our managers, and gave targeted recommendations for changes, which we are continuing to implement.  Since making these changes we have seen and experienced opportunities for growth.  Along with the recommended streamlined processes, we are on course to be a more efficient and effective organization.  Sometimes it takes an independent observer to recognize those processes within your organization that are either ineffective or significantly underutilized.  I would recommend BioSource Consulting to any organization that wants help with their strategic marketing and operations functions and find ways to increase their revenue and bottom line.

Dr. Tomas Kupiec, CEO, Analytical Research Laboratories, Analytical Research Laboratories (ARL) provides full service analytical testing, product development support, forensics and expert witness services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry